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Welcome everyone to my blog. Anyone who knows me will understand that Im not remotely boffy so its understandable that my blog is a bit of a mess. I have my blog mainly to allow me to copycat my friends who use theirs for displaying their crafty-wares. Im a bit of a sporadic blogger and often forget to save images of my work to post on my blog. I often forget I even have a blog sometimes.

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My name is Nes - short for Agnes. Im Scottish living in South Wales for thirteen and a half years now. I have been forced into getting a blog cos everyone else I know has one and I felt left out. I'm pretty rubbish with computer stuff so often rely on my poor boffy mates to sort me out when I need help. Im not sure how well maintained this blog thingy will be but hey-ho I'll have a go! I am a member of a couple of different forums to do with crafting and also music festivals. I like people who are hunourous and who generally just make me laugh.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Alice in Wonderland Atc'c

These 3 atc's I done with a set of Alice in Wonderland stamps I had had for ages and couldn't think of anything to do with them so they lay in my drawer for the best part of a year probably. I was a bit bored one day and just really playing around with them and came up with these. I think these also illustrate very well how grungy lots of my stuff is - without even trying it just somehow transforms into grungy!!

Set of 9 Atc's

This is a set of 9 atc's I done as a swap. I chose the theme as a tribute to my mum who is strong, compassionate and has always fought for the rights of people less able to do so for themselves. I know that had she been around in the suffragette times she would have been throwing herself in front of horses etc.
It was the first time I had done anything like this and wanted to make the 9 atc's fit together to make a large picture but also I felt it was important to make each atc stand on its own.

Orange ATC Swap

This was a set of atc's I made as part of a monthly colour swap. Can you guess what Junes colour was then?

Another Altered Matchbox

This was my second altered matchbox as part of a captured fairy swap. I used the same methods in inking the papers first and then stamping and adding some accents with glitter glue. I added a ring at the top of the chain so that it could be hung up.

Altered Matchboxes

This is the first matchbox I altered so it was all a bit of an experiment. I inked the papers with various Tim Holtz distress inks then stamped the images on to the paper. I added a little bit of extra colour to the main images with glitter gel pens. Then I assembled it all together adding the other elements such as the ribbon and bead thing at the top and finishing off the inside and the tags.