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Welcome everyone to my blog. Anyone who knows me will understand that Im not remotely boffy so its understandable that my blog is a bit of a mess. I have my blog mainly to allow me to copycat my friends who use theirs for displaying their crafty-wares. Im a bit of a sporadic blogger and often forget to save images of my work to post on my blog. I often forget I even have a blog sometimes.

About Me

My name is Nes - short for Agnes. Im Scottish living in South Wales for thirteen and a half years now. I have been forced into getting a blog cos everyone else I know has one and I felt left out. I'm pretty rubbish with computer stuff so often rely on my poor boffy mates to sort me out when I need help. Im not sure how well maintained this blog thingy will be but hey-ho I'll have a go! I am a member of a couple of different forums to do with crafting and also music festivals. I like people who are hunourous and who generally just make me laugh.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Katies Birthday Matchbox

This is my 3rd altered match box that I have done. I made it for Katies (aka Mzz P.) Birthday, I had to wrap it so her nosy mother couldn't sneak an advance viewing either. I wanted to do something that would suit someone young but not a child and she is a very good crafter herself. I also wanted something a wee bit vivid - hence the colours. I had great fun doing this I must admit. I inked up papers to cover the actual box and collaged and stamped various images for outside and inside. Then i just done the same with the tag..inked, stamped and collaged on both sides. The tag is an accordian style that folds up to fit back in the box (of course). I must say that i think the scans dont do it justice (its not often i would say something like that) but it does look much better in real life.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Gingers Altered Book - Artists Theme

Im really into Frida Kahlo so I thought she was the obvious choice for Gingers book. What a facinating woman she was.
She's Mexican and had quite a coloured chequered life before she died in her 40's. Her art is quite weird and does not fit into one specific art genre though some people class her as a surrelist. Lots of her stuff is self portrait and shows the pain she went through pretty much all her life due to an accident as a teenager. Some of her stuff is quite naive looking and other stuff is pretty weird. These pages do not do justice to her work at all. She is well worth having a look at in my opinion.

Crowns & Wings Swap

These are for another swap on Zuzu's forum. When I heard the theme I wasnt going to do it cos Im not too keen on the idea of crowns and wings as it always makes me think of quite twee girly fairy images which is not really me. I had a play about though and this is what I came up with. Its a bit grungy and dark but thats more my style really so Im quite happy with them...... and isn't that kid in the first atc quite evil looking

Friday, 6 July 2007

part of the party hats challenge

I forgot that the Party Hats challenge was a 3x3 and not a 2x2 plus hostess as I thought - so I had to go back and do another one or else I could have just not given the hostess hers - okay maybe not.
This was a new chair stamp I had got and was just messing with it to try it out. I just inked the atc then stamped the chairs then over stamped the background script and just left it. When I discovered I still had a Party Hat atc to do I thought I could try to do something with it. For some reason musical chairs seemed like a good idea to link with party's and hats. The phrase just popped into my head and wouldn't leave until I added it to the atc then I just positioned the hat. Voila!

Party Hats ATC Challenge

I was taking part in a Party Hat atc swap on Zuzus forum and this is what emerged. Im not as keen on the Warhol one now as I am on the Manson & Einstein. This is mainly cos now when I look at it it doesn't look much like Warhol. These were quick and easy to do cos I had the idea for what I wanted to do with them quite quickly and I also knew who I wanted to do.

Cream & Blue Inchies challenge

These have been made as part of a challenge set on a forum I use. I wasnt sure that i would like doing this colour scheme and I almost decided not to take part in it because of the colour- actually I still dont know if i like it.
Im not really sure about the whole inchie concept and whether I like doing them or not. This is only the second set I have actually done so maybe they will grow on me if i keep taking part in the monthly swaps - we shall see.