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Welcome everyone to my blog. Anyone who knows me will understand that Im not remotely boffy so its understandable that my blog is a bit of a mess. I have my blog mainly to allow me to copycat my friends who use theirs for displaying their crafty-wares. Im a bit of a sporadic blogger and often forget to save images of my work to post on my blog. I often forget I even have a blog sometimes.

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My name is Nes - short for Agnes. Im Scottish living in South Wales for thirteen and a half years now. I have been forced into getting a blog cos everyone else I know has one and I felt left out. I'm pretty rubbish with computer stuff so often rely on my poor boffy mates to sort me out when I need help. Im not sure how well maintained this blog thingy will be but hey-ho I'll have a go! I am a member of a couple of different forums to do with crafting and also music festivals. I like people who are hunourous and who generally just make me laugh.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Frida Shrine

This is a Shrine I created for a friends birthday. I used a sardine tin and even though its the first time I have tried using a sardine tin to work with I loved it and it fits in well with my obsession with reusing where possible or recycling .
Ive also used other bits of recyled papers that had images on them already and were going to go in my recycle bin till I started thinking about the tin with a recycle theme. I also saved an old sun stamp that someone was binning and used that image on the top most part of the shrine. I only took the stamp for the nice wooden handle but thought it was good for the recycle theme.