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Welcome everyone to my blog. Anyone who knows me will understand that Im not remotely boffy so its understandable that my blog is a bit of a mess. I have my blog mainly to allow me to copycat my friends who use theirs for displaying their crafty-wares. Im a bit of a sporadic blogger and often forget to save images of my work to post on my blog. I often forget I even have a blog sometimes.

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My name is Nes - short for Agnes. Im Scottish living in South Wales for thirteen and a half years now. I have been forced into getting a blog cos everyone else I know has one and I felt left out. I'm pretty rubbish with computer stuff so often rely on my poor boffy mates to sort me out when I need help. Im not sure how well maintained this blog thingy will be but hey-ho I'll have a go! I am a member of a couple of different forums to do with crafting and also music festivals. I like people who are hunourous and who generally just make me laugh.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Gingers Birthday Shrine

This is a sardine tin shrine I made for a very dear friends birthday. I painted the outside of the tin with various acrylic paints distressing each layer before painting with another colour. I then used textured paste on the inside and added several layers of different coloured acrylics. I added a little tin with a clear lid inside with a heart and some wording round the tin edge inside and some words underneath the heart. I printed out my image layering it first on to very thin card then added some torn tissue paper with gold script on it at the back of the image and glued it to a small wooden block then glued into place in the tin. I also added a bit of stickles to the halos for some bling.

For the wings I coloured with alcohol inks and attached with a glue gun on the back and added a little heart shape button in the center of the wings. I added an old found metal loop, some ribbon, some beaded ribbon round the bottom and that was it finished on time for once.
My friend was probably shocked - not at the gift but that I actually managed to get it made and to her on time!!


Allotment Lady said...

This is fantastic Ness - just beautiful.


Ginger said...

This is lovely thank you Nes..looks great on my wall :)

Moira said...

I love this, it has so much going in in it and love having the detail of the description.

Gillian said...

Beautiful Nes, love those wings:)

Jaqi said...

Hi Nes, what a fab shrine, did your dominoe book arrive yet? Ive lost my link for the forum and cant get a reply from louise or linda b to get another link, would you be able to send me one please? Hope your little book arrived and that you liked it, Cheers Jaqi